Clarinox announces Bluetooth™ and Wi-Fi support for Renesas RA Microcontroller Family

Clarinox Technologies announced it is joining the Renesas RA Partner Ecosystem, bringing ready-to-use building block Bluetooth and Wi-Fi solutions to support the Renesas RA Family of microcontrollers (MCUs). These building blocks include ClarinoxBlue and ClarinoxWiFi connectivity software, which provides Bluetooth Classic, Bluetooth Low Energy and Wi-Fi protocol stacks for multiple RTOS on the RA6 MCU.

The Renesas RA Family is an exciting new range of innovative MCUs built to optimise performance and ease of use. These attributes are geared towards delivering the ultimate promise of IoT for embedded systems with a combination of optimized performance, security, connectivity, peripheral IP and Flexible Software Package.

The ClarinoxBlue and ClarinoxWiFi connectivity software supports software flexibility for the RA MCUs. The Clarinox protocol software is coupled with ClariFi, the best-in-class debugging for wireless applications, to further analyze and improve RA-based systems.

Clarinox Technologies has focused on short range wireless embedded system solutions for nearly 20 years, and this joining of forces with Renesas provides ultimate software flexibility to engineers developing short range wireless embedded systems.

The combination delivers the expertise of both companies and will facilitate the delivery of solutions for a range of embedded applications.

Commenting on the combined strengths, "Clarinox is pleased to partner with Renesas to meet the increasing demand for complex connectivity in embedded designs. Renesas RA microcontrollers’ performance, rich I/O support and enhanced security features, combined with the Clarinox Bluetooth/Bluetooth Low Energy/Wi-Fi protocol stacks with ClariFi debugger, enables faster and more secure wireless development. In addition, the Clarinox support for many RTOS/OS and wireless chipsets provides excellent flexibility for developers for an out-of-box experience for their choice of RTOS and wireless hardware. The reduction in development time will facilitate faster time to market for Renesas customers,” said Ms. Trish Messiter, CEO of Clarinox.

“We welcome Clarinox Technologies to our growing RA Partner Ecosystem,” said Kaushal Vora, Director of Strategic Partnerships & Global Ecosystem at Renesas. “The Clarinox wireless protocol stacks, debugger and reference applications simplify the development of smart devices with demanding connectivity requirements, and these RA Ready solutions will help provide RA customers the flexibility they need for quick and nimble development.”


Clarinox Reaffirms Its Mission to Customers and Partners

Twenty-twenty has shaped up to be a year that no one could have predicted. We at Clarinox, along with our customers, partners, suppliers, friends and families have all been challenged to adapt to the global disruption that is the Coronavirus outbreak – whether this is working from home, being stuck overseas, not being able to see your friends & family or not being able to work at all. At Clarinox, the transition to working from home, away from our colleagues, has been a difficult adjustment to make. But in times like this, we are reminded of the work that we do and why we do it.

Clarinox was founded on the need of embedded systems engineers to be able to develop robust and flexible connectivity options using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology. For the last 19 years, we have worked closely with our customers & partners to create accessible wireless connectivity solutions, and to allow developers and engineers the tools they need to connect their products. Today, we are considered an industry leader in the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity. We strive to bring our customers that latest innovations in both technologies, to give them the competitive edge when racing their product to market, and to provide a product that they can trust.

With a new and possibly challenging time ahead, we feel it is necessary to reaffirm our commitment to our partners and customers. We are pleased to share a new Clarinox mission video which is now available on the Clarinox website and YouTube channel – made possible by our friends at Levitate Media. We look forward to what the remainder of the year has to offer in the way of new innovations for Bluetooth and Wi-Fi technology and are always ready to take on your next wireless IoT, Automotive, Industrial product development!

Thank you to all of our loyal customers and partners for the journey thus far – we hope that the remainder of your year brings you the success that you have earned.



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