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-- Melbourne, Australia, December 2016 --

2016 was a year of great change within the IoT sector. The year saw incumbents jostle for position and many new comers strut their stuff.

The formation of new partnerships and the strengthening of old ties over the year has enabled Clarinox to continue to simplify embedded wireless for our customer base for our Koala® and Joey® hardware as well as a wide range of MCU/MPU & RTOS platforms.

In fact our simultaneous Wi-Fi® and Bluetooth® solution can even be used on a range of ARM Cortex M3/M4 processors to enable significant BOM cost savings compared to Linux based solutions, or used upon a FPGA based soft-core RISC-V processor (which only took hours to port!). Whether the stacks are used for an IoT gateway, a tractor, a consumer camera or a hand-held radio, the Clarinox stacks delivered such often said impossible solutions!

We have monitored the ever changing landscape of vendors and standards and our ability to keep ahead of the curve and provide simultaneous 2.4/5GHz Wi-Fi and dual band Bluetooth; with simultaneous Wi-Fi roles and/or simultaneous roles & profiles within Bluetooth has helped to make innovative ideas a reality.

We look forward to the changes that 2017 is predicted to bring as the IoT market continues to grow and impact upon the way we run our businesses and our lives.

We wish that 2017 brings you success and joy!

Warm regards,

The Clarinox Team


Improved debugging for ARM CortexM4 based EVM

-- ARM Tech Con, Santa Clara, CA, USA, October 26, 2016 --

Clarinox Technologies and SEGGER are pleased to announce collaboration to provide improved debug capability for wireless developments on ARM Cortex M4 environment. Clarinox the leader in embedded Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, with SEGGER, the world embedded debug experts combine forces to provide improved debug support through the use of SEGGER J-Link and enhanced Clarinox Debugger software for the Clarinox Koala EVM.

Clarinox Koala EVM Koala EVM enables embedded system designers to create wireless applications integrating Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Bluetooth Low Energy for Cortex M4 based embedded devices. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth Classic and Bluetooth Low Energy technologies, can be used separately or simultaneously, within a single application to redefine embedded wireless application development. The new KE-9903 Koala EVM features a replaceable MCU based upon the NXP LPC4350. Develop to meet your projects requirements, whether it is for industrial, health / medical, home automation or other sectors with the Clarinox ecosystem of award winning wireless protocol stacks, APIs and debug tools combined with the strength of SEGGER J-Link debug capabilities.

Trish Messiter, Clarinox CEO says “It was our goal to produce the necessary combination of hardware and software to reduce the risks associated with developing wireless products. Complex embedded developments are notoriously difficult to debug and so a focus on good hardware and software tools was a major priority. In the Koala EVM the strength of the Clarinox protocol stacks and software debug tools is combined with the power of the SEGGER J-Link. This is a great differentiator that provides strong debug capability without compromising software flexibility. The intersection of hardware and software is complex and we believe we have produced a set of products that will enable greater flexibility for our customers to address the growing challenges for achieving robust connectivity for their IoT development.”

Alex Gruener, CTO at SEGGER says, “SEGGER is proud to be a part of the Clarinox Koala EVM product. Both SEGGER and Clarinox have a shared vision of product that is able to carry much of the complexity burden. We wish to enable engineers to be free of low level details as much as possible so that they can focus on the functionality that makes their development unique.”

About Clarinox Technologies Pty Ltd
Clarinox Technologies has created a product ecosystem for engineers developing wireless products working with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi technologies. This ecosystem includes Clarinox Jannal® Intelligent Design Environment, the Koala EVM, ClarinoxBlue Bluetooth Classic and Bluetooth Low Energy protocol stack, ClarinoxWiFi protocol stack and Clarinox Debugger software. Clarinox solutions address the inherent complexity of wireless and enhance the productivity of engineers.

About SEGGER Microcontroller
SEGGER Microcontroller is a full-range supplier of software, hardware and development tools for embedded systems. The company offers support throughout the whole development process with affordable, high quality, flexible and easy-to-use tools and components. SEGGER offers solutions for secure communication as well as data and product security, meeting the needs of the rapidly evolving IoT. SEGGER was founded in 1997, is privately held, and is growing steadily. Headquartered in Germany with a US office in the Boston area and distributors in all continents, SEGGER offers its full product range worldwide.

Clarinox Technologies
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Clarinox enrollment into the NXP Partner Program is complete

-- Aug 2016 --

NXP has recently launched a new partner program post the merger of NXP and Freescale. This new look NXP Partner Program is a comprehensive ecosystem of partners to assist in making the world a smarter, more connected place. Clarinox are therefore excited to be a part of the elite collection of innovative companies that comprise the NXP Partner Program. 

Clarinox has extensive and long term experience running ClarinoxBlue and/or ClarinoxWiFi on NXP (and previously branded Freescale) processors. The Clarinox architecture allows seamless integration of multiple simultaneous Bluetooth Classic, Bluetooth Low Energy and Wi-Fi wireless technologies, roles and/or profiles and provides the flexibility to cater for futuristic applications combined with the robustness required of embedded devices.


Clarinox to provide Bluetooth and Wi-Fi for Renesas Electronics' R-Car platform

-- June 2016 --

Clarinox, a leading provider of automotive connectivity solutions is pleased to announce acceptance to Renesas Electronics' R-Car Consortium. This will extend the Clarinox Bluetooth and Wi-Fi support to the Renesas R-Car platform for Wind River Linux.

CTO of Clarinox ,Gokhan Tanyeri, says "This is a significant development as it combines powerful market leading components; Renesas' solid automotive computing platform; the robust Wind River Linux; and the proven Clarinox Bluetooth and Wi-Fi protocol stacks and wireless system level development tools".

ClarinoxBlue provides for all the classic infotainment automotive profiles (HFP, HSP, A2DP, AVRCP, MAP, PBAP,OPP, FTP, HID) as well as all Bluetooth Low Energy Profiles for sensor integration. This can be combined with ClarinoxWiFi covering IEEE802.11 a/b/g/n/ac standards for AP, STA, P2P, WPS and WPA/WPA2 personal/enterprise for in-car Wi-Fi access and integration of connected car technologies such as MirrorLink. The Clarinox architecture allows seamless integration of multiple simultaneous wireless technologies, roles and/or profiles and provides the flexibility to cater for traditional or leading edge applications.


Enabling Bluetooth and Wi-Fi on RTOS

-- April 2016 --

In the busyness that characterizes today's product development and maintenance cycles, is there really time to deal with the lower level details at the embedded application layer?

The time to develop is lessening whilst simultaneously the feature set and complexity of requirements expands. This means that more must be done in less time, so busy engineers need ways to perform their tasks with increasing efficiency. At Clarinox we believe that finding solutions to this issue is important, so much so that we keep talking about it! and we'd like to hear from you too.

If you have something to add to the conversation please comment on our blog, Enabling Wi-Fi® and Bluetooth® connectivity on RTOS.

Another aspect of our drive for continuous improvement is the implementation and qualification to the published standards. In this area we are pleased to announce the qualification to Bluetooth Specification V4.1. ClarinoxBlue Core Spec V4.1 Dual Mode Declaration ID D023636.

Industry collaboration is an important way to provide increases in the efficiency to engineers and Clarinox are pleased of our integration with CMSIS driver and CMSIS RTOS.

Clarinox provides the smallest gateway solution supporting simultaneous Bluetooth Low Energy and Wi-Fi AP and Wi-Fi STA on a tiny 20 x 34 mm self-contained module. The module does not require an external MCU and can run 2.4 and 5 GHz Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Bluetooth Low Energy simultaneously! FreeRTOS, ThreadX, uC/OS-II, CMSIS-RTOS or RTX supported out-of-box.


Short Range Wireless Usage, Concerns, Directions and Debugging in the IoT Era

-- February 2016 --

The world of embedded is changing. It is being impacted by one of the major growth markets of our time – the Internet of Things (IoT). The IoT demands innovative solutions to a new set of requirements, impacting upon the decisions, issues and preferences of engineers tasked with wireless embedded designs. For more, see here.


“It is exciting to be part of a technology revolution that is changing the world.”

Trish Messiter, Clarinox CEO in interview with Dealflow magazine -- January 2016 --

Clarinox began as a wireless technology software development company on a shoestring budget 14 years ago. Initially, its focus was on supplying consultancy services to fund its product development, but after securing an Australian Government commercialisation grant in 2010, it was able to concentrate on developing and marketing its IP and product portfolio.

Clarinox has now created a product ecosystem for engineers developing wireless products working with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi technologies. This ecosystem includes Clarinox Jannal Intelligent Design Environment, a configuration tool that enables engineers to design and develop their projects using Clarinox software; and the Koala Evaluation Module, a hardware development platform that enables developers to evaluate their embedded software.

The latest addition to the product portfolio is the Joey, a wireless module small enough to be incorporated in a final wireless product design. Clarinox is developing more flexible Koala and Joey boards to give engineers more options, and expects to release new versions in the next 18 months.


Phishing Scam Warning

-- February 2016 --

Clarinox has become aware of a number of scam emails containing use of our name or phone number in the signature. Please see an example of this email below.

Email subject line: Unpaid GST Invoice – Quote Ref. xxxxx

Description: The hoax email claims that a payment is overdue and requests the receiver to open an attached document for payment advise.

Please, under no circumstances, open any attachments or click on any links in such emails!
These emails may install potentially harmful malware or lead to hoax websites designed to harvest your credentials.



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