ClarinoxBlue™, embedded Bluetooth® protocol stack


ClarinoxWiFi™, embedded Wi-Fi protocol stack


ClariFi™, embedded wireless debugger


Hardware modules and kits for IoT and wireless technology developments

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Wireless Haptic Vest Creates Immersive Experiences for Virtual Reality

A wireless haptic vest from Actronika creates an immersive sensory experience for the wearer. Touch produces vibrations that people use to understand the nature of an object they interact with. The company’s haptic technology uses vibrations to create tactile illusions that people interpret as touch—from the pitter-patter of raindrops to the reverberation of an explosion. Wireless connectivity to the vest increases ease of use and enhances the visceral, tactile experiences created by game developers, training professionals, and artists.


Smart Solutions for Smart Tools

In the ever-evolving automotive industry, efficient and accurate diagnostic processes are crucial to ensure optimal vehicle performance and customer satisfaction. Traditional diagnostic methods have often involved time-consuming manual inspections and direct physical connections to onboard systems. However, the landscape of automotive diagnostics is undergoing a remarkable transformation with cutting-edge wireless technologies.


A Match Made in Healthcare

Clarinox Technologies, a leading provider of wireless solutions for embedded systems, has partnered with SpaceLabs, a renowned provider of patient monitoring systems, to improve their wireless technology. The collaboration has resulted in a robust and secure solution for SpaceLabs that has improved patient care and reduced operational costs.


Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity solutions for franking machines

Francotyp-Postalia engages Clarinox Technologies and Green Hills Software to help bring Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity to franking machines


Coordinating camera crews with wireless intercom systems

RTS, part of the Bosch Group, chose Clarinox Technology to supply the ClarinoxBlue Bluetooth protocol stack software for RTOS for their innovative DBP product.


Bringing wireless connectivity to radio communications

When Harris Corporation, one of the largest technology companies in the USA, went looking for a partner to add a Wireless Personal Area Network to their highly success Harris RF-7850S radio, it found the solution in Melbourne, Australia. Clarinox Technologies is an innovative specialist in the development and integration of wireless embedded systems. The partnership between Harris and Clarinox resulted in a market changing radio capability.


  • Clarinox Strengthens Wireless Connectivity Development for IoT Devices with Support for Innovative PX5 RTOS
  • Deal with Component Shortages Using Abstraction Based Connectivity Solutions
  • Coordinating camera crews with wireless intercom systems
  • ClariFi Adds Non-Intrusive Tracing to Analyze High-Speed Events in Embedded Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Applications
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